Summer School: Model-guided Data Science.
Lake Como school of Advanced Studies, September 2-6 2019

This is a School of “model-guided Data Science”, organized as an intensive training week to familiarize PhD students and postdocs with interdisciplinary and quantitative interests (particularly from math, physics, engineering) to the job and tools of Data Scientist. Through mini-courses and hands-on work on concrete examples, the students will acquire specific skills that characterize modern data analysis. At the same time, they will be stimulated to make the most of the scientific skills and scientific and critical thinking already acquired over their education.

School structure

The lectures are organized in mini-courses and accompanied by hands-on sessions in the afternoon, where the students will work on concrete problems. Starting from concrete examples, the school will show how modeling helps to understand complex data. One day of the school will be dedicated to a scientific symposium with additional invited speakers.


Federico Bassetti (Politecnico of Milan), Fabrizio Capuani (INFN, Rome), Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino (University of Milan), Marco Gherardi (University of Milan) 

In partnership with

POLIS, Regione Lombardia, SIFS

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Polis will provide data for hands-on sessions from case studies of societal relevance.
Prize for best short talk awarded by SIFS


More than anything, what data scientists do is make discoveries while swimming in data. […]
At ease in the digital realm, they are able to bring structure to large quantities of formless
data and make analysis possible

Thomas H. Davenport  D.J. Patil. Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century
Harvard Business Review (2012)